ICT Senior Assistant (IT Infrastructure - Systems Assistant) at UNOPS (United Nations Office for Project Services) in Valencia, Spain


ICTSeniorAssistant(ITInfrastructure-SystemsAssistant) in Valencia, Spain

UNOPS (United Nations Office for Project Services), the operational arm of the United Nations, supporting thesuccessfulimplementationofitspartners’peacebuilding,humanitariananddevelopmentprojectsaroundtheworld isurgentlyseeking:






The ICT Senior Assistant (IT Infrastructure - Systems Assistant) will carry out his/her tasks within the Platform SupportUnit in the Field Technology Service (FTS) at the UN ICT Facility, Valencia (UNICTFV). Under the overall supervision ofUNOPS Information Systems Ocer, the incumbent works under the guidance of the Chief Infrastructure andOperations Section in the UNGSC Valencia, Spain, provides specific expertise in the operations of the IT infrastructuresupportingtheUNSAPEnterpriseResourcePlanning(ERP)underthehybridcloudcomputingstrategy.

This support includes but is not limited to the following components of the back-end IT infrastructure: storage arrays,backup storage arrays, servers, SAN switches, virtualization, operating system, cloud services and tools to monitorperformance,availabilityandcapacityoftheenvironment.

This is a position in UNOPS for supporting projects carried out for or in the United Nations Secretariat. The incumbent  ofthispositionwillbeastamemberofUNOPSunderitsfullresponsibility.


Under the overall supervision of the UNOPS Senior Programme Manager, the incumbent works under the guidance ofthe Chief Infrastructure and Operations Section in the UNGSC and will report to the Information Systems Ocer orhis/herdesignateandisresponsibleforthefollowingduties:


1.LinuxandVirtualizationSupport,2.ITInfrastructureandbackup,3.TechnicalSupport, 4.KnowledgeManagement, 5. Otherduties:


  • Linux and Virtualization Support: Provides support to Linux server infrastructure that support ERP missioncritical application.Works with the team to maintain virtualization platform infrastructure and providesupporttocustomers.
  • IT infrastructure and backup: Assists in operating IT infrastructure hardware components like: servers,storage, SAN switches, etc that support ERP mission critical application. Operates backup software andinfrastructurethatsupportERPmissioncriticalapplication
  • Technical Support: Contributes to develop scripts for operation process automation based on systemsengineering and configuration management frameworks. Assists on the deployment of several projects,includinghands-onconfigurationofcomplexcomponents.Contributestosolvecomplexproblemsrelatedto ITinfrastructure. Participatesinon-callrotationthatincludesafternoonworkinghourshifts.
  • Knowledge Management : Continually explores, evaluates and recommends advanced technologies toprovidehigherqualityservice,scalabilityandmodernarchitecturalstandards.
  • Other duties: Performs other duties as may be reasonably required and in line with the incumbent’s scope ofservicesabove.


The result of work of the ICT Senior Assistant (IT Infrastructure - Systems Assistant) impacts directly on delivery ofservices that satisfy the requirements of the Department as well as the performance of the services implemented inthe DPO and Peace Keeping and Special Political Missions and headquarters. It will also ensure proper processes andmethodologies are followed and implemented according to the latest of the industry standards. The incumbent isresponsible for ensuring activities for all global locations are in line with the overall business targets and UN policies,rulesandregulations.

Education/Experience/Language requirements






5 years of experience with Linux technologies and their use in delivering secure, highly available, mission criticalenterprise-classsolutions.

Desirable: (The following experience is optional. Candidates who do not have it are welcome to apply) Experiencewith virtualization and related technologies in complex and multilocation environments (e.g. VMware, vSpherereplication, VMware SRM, etc). Basic understanding of network concepts such as switches, routers, rewalls, loadbalancers; Knowledge of configuration management systems like Ansible. Experience with infrastructure as code,preferablyTerraform.


Language skills: English fluent, knowledge of another UN official language is a plus (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian,Spanish).








Applicants should apply at the following link: https://jobs.unops.org/Pages/ViewVacancy/VADetails.aspx?id=21407


By24th MarchJuly 2021, andsend an email to eurespuglia@regione.puglia.it to inform us about the submittedapplication.